Jan 25, 2019 · His Tyranny [Bakugou x Reader Fantasy AU] Pt. 7. Morning came and the two of you were still heavily asleep in the King’s bed. Sometime during the night the two of you had shifted closer to each other.
You knew Bakugou wasn't very keen on having any kids, when you told him you thought he was going to self explode. What you didn't expect that it was the exact opposite, you didn't know what parasite bite him to make him not leave you, telling you he didn't want it.
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bakugou x reader he hits you, May 15, 2020 · MIRAI [Bakugou x Reader Time Travel AU] Ch. 19 New Mission. Idle chatter went on in the peaceful cafe. Customers enjoyed sipping on their beverages, taking pictures of their fancy desserts for social media, and just generally basking in the comforting atmosphere.

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  • I Am Not Wearing That (Bakugou x Reader) UA were holding a Halloween Party and you really wanted to go with your boyfriend Bakugou, but he was adamantly opposed to the costume idea you had proposed to him. A/N: I could not get this idea out of my head. I want to do one for Todoroki too, but I’m not too sure what costume idea to use for him.
  • "X=6.27" He said meekly. "Wrong!" Your teacher said. "Bakugou." "X=6.37" He said smugly. Sending a cocky smirk behind him, past you and right to Midoriya. "Wrong!" Your teacher said. "Anyone else?" You saw the prideful look of your senpai drop as he whipped back around to glare at the teachers.

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May 09, 2020 · Bakugou never backed down from a fight, he never wanted to be looked down on, he was determined to win in everything he did. You were a tease, quick to use reverse psychology and had a very dirty mind. You also, had a thing for Bakugou and he certainly had a thing for you too. “Hey.”

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  • Read I Dare You from the story Katsuki Bakugou x Reader oneshots (Slow Updates) by Fox051 (BAKUHOE THOTSUKI) with 15,097 reads. katsuki, cringeworthy, fluff.
  • Mar 27, 2020 - You just arrived at Hero Academy ( U.A. high school ), you started school late cause of "personal issues", all the seats were taken so you were forced to sit n...

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Bakugou Katsuki/Reader; Bakugou Katsuki; Reader-Insert; Summary. Bakugou ends up on the wrong end of a quirk and ends up temporarily stuck as a very small, very angry Pomeranian. Reader tries to deal with him till he gets back to normal. Language: English Words: 3,950 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 14 Kudos: 561 Bookmarks: 62 Hits: 5586

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Crumpled on the floor he caresses his injured cheek. "Who the hell--" He stops short once he realizes who you were. "S-he just hit Bakugou." The flying fat one says from behind you. You can hear the shock in his voice. "You idiot, don't just stand there let's get her!"

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Sep 25, 2020 · You writhed against his wild thrusting, hissing and clawing at the bed as he railed you from behind, hand still pressing your head down into the bed as he fucked you hard and fast. As he slammed into you, pussy juices dripping all over the sheets and he doubled over your back and bent his head down to your neck, biting into your soft flesh as he snarled with sexual fervor.

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YOU ARE READING. Bakugou x reader Fanfiction (y/n) is a shy girl who has a strange quirk she has always been friends with Bakugou but one day she moved to another school and they lost contact but what will happen when she gets into UA and Bakugou falls hard for her.

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No Idea (Bakugou x Reader) Pairing: Bakugou x Reader Anon asked: “yooo sketch was so cute and he was so in character! if you’re taking requests could you write a fic where basically all of 1a is at the dorms besides the reader who’s patrolling and she gets attacked by dabi and has to fight him off alone meanwhile 1a and dadzawa watch from the dorms via news channel? bonus points for a ...

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22/set/2017 - hi you encontrou este Pin. Encontre (e salve!) seus próprios Pins no Pinterest.

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