The easiest way to calculate the PCD is as follows: Identify the size of the rim or tyre size. (This helps to narrow down the likely PCD sizes) Measure the distance ‘S’ between two adjacent studs from the centre of each hole. Using the calculator enter the number of studs/holes & ‘S’ and press ‘calculate’.
Pressure angle: The angle between the common normal at the point of tooth contact and the common tangent to the pitch circles. It is also the angle between the line of action and the common tangent. Base circle:An imaginary circle used in involute gearing to generate the involutes that form the tooth profiles.
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Splines, Involute (Full Fillet) AS84C This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) defines an involute with a 30° pressure angle and a full radius at the roots thus reducing the stress concentration in the area of the root.

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  • B. Pressure Angle (φ) The angle between the pressure line and common tangent to the pitch circle is called Pressure angle or angle of obliquity and this angle is also important as it is related to the forces acting on the gear shaft and the bearings. Load carrying capacity increases with higher pressure
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Straight cylindrical involute splines -- Metric module, side fit -- Part 1: Generalities: GB/T 3478.1-2008: Valid: GB/T 3478.1-2008: GB/T 3478.1-2008: Chinese: 49: Add to Cart =1-day [PDF from Chinese Authority, or Standard Committee, or Publishing House]

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  • Feb 08, 2016 · DP=1 (read chart values in inches) or M=1 (values in mm), PRESSURE ANGLE = 14.5* TOOTH_COUNT , cutter-cutter dia., between centers, infeed 20, 5.00760, 6.33271, 2.80985 21, 5.25798, 6.57600, 2.90511 22, 5.50836, 6.81921, 3.00024 23, 5.75874, 7.06234, 3.09526 24, 6.00912, 7.30541, 3.19018 25, 6.25950, 7.54842, 3.28501 26, 6.50988, 7.79138, 3.37977
  • Shaft collars, adapters, and keyed shafts hold bearings, sprockets, and gears to shafts and other components and can act as mechanical stops. Universal joints transmit torque between rotating shafts that are at an angle to each other. View More

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Interference can also be eliminated by using a larger pressure angle. This results in a smaller base circle, so more of the tooth profile is involute. This is the primary reason for larger pressure angles. Note that the disadvantage of a larger pressure angle is an increase in radial force for the same amount of transmitted force.

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Feb 20, 2020 · Pull on the excess spline away from the frame. Place the utility knife at a 45-degree angle and pull it along the frame outline right above the spline. Continue this for all 4 sides, taking care to make even cuts. Apply a firm amount of pressure down on the knife when making your cuts.

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The angle corresponding to in-cylinder peak temperature, to which it should correspond the maximum ion concentration, is expected between the TDC and the peak pressure angle; but the sensing dynamics, the local temperature measurement, and probably other aspects very complex to consider result experimentally in a "thermal" or "post-flame" ionization peak extremely close to the peak pressure angle.

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Splines Scott, I had my shafts (Alloy USA) cut to length based on a 40 spline spool, but was unaware of the difference in location versus stock (I found out when my spool arrived), as the 40 spline is outboard. Mark Williams makes a 35 spline spool with locations like the 40 spline, but pressure angle is 45.

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U-Joint Series : 1350 : Spline Major Diameter : 1.250 : Spline Count : 10.000 : Spline Type : parallel : Spline Pressure Angle : n/a : Ground Hub Diameter

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the spline shaft. The measurement results are used together with the depth of the spline tooth to calculate the approximated pressure angle: α approx = arctan[2 × Depth/(t 1 –t 2)] In case of a topland t 2 =2.60 mm, a root width t 1 = 7.30 and a Depth of 2.0 mm the approximated pressure angle is: α approx = arctan[2 × 2.00/(7.30–2.60)] = 40.39°


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