elements are composed of only 1 type of atom. compounds are composed of more than 1 type of atom. How are compounds different from mixtures. Compounds are formed by a chemical change resulting from 1 or more elements combining.(2 Hydrogen and 1 oxygen atom forming H20_ Mixtures are formed by a physical change (stirring salt and water)
Iron is an element and not a compound or a heterogeneous mixture or a solution. An element is characterized by atoms of exactly the same A heterogeneous mixture is made up of constituents with localized regions of differing properties. Iron has uniform properties throughout a piece (of any...
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A mixture. gasoline is a mixture of up to 500 flammable liquid hydrocarbons! pretty amazing. it also contains small amounts of alkane cyclic and aromatic compounds.

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  • Each type of mixture has special properties by which it can be identified. For example, a suspension always settles out after a certain period of time. That is, the particles that make up the suspension separate from the medium in which they are suspended and fall to the bottom of a container.
  • For example, gasoline is not a single chemical compound or even a particular mixture: different gasolines can have very different chemical compositions, as "gasoline" is primarily defined through source, properties and octane rating.

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Compound properties are different from the properties of the individual elements. Pure substances can either be elements or compounds. An element is a pure substance that is made out of all the same atoms. Example: Helium Elements Compounds A compound is a pure substance that is made out of 2 or more different atoms.

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  • This video/animation defines matter, mass, and volume using water as an example. The size, electrical charge and location of the subatomic particles of matter are described. Different types of atoms are called elements and organized in the periodic table. What happens to the properties of atoms when they exist alone or together?
  • This video/animation defines matter, mass, and volume using water as an example. The size, electrical charge and location of the subatomic particles of matter are described. Different types of atoms are called elements and organized in the periodic table. What happens to the properties of atoms when they exist alone or together?

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The "wild gasoline" is pumped to stabilizer towers, where the natural liquid gasoline is removed from the bottom and a mixture of liquefied petroleum gases is drawn off the top. This mixture of LP gases, which is about 10% of total gas mixture, can be used as a mixture or further separated into its three parts—butane, isobutane, and propane ...

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An element is a substance made from only one type of atom. Remember this definition as you might need it in the exam! For example Carbon is made entirely from carbon atoms. Sodium is made entirely from sodium atoms. Unlike a compound, an element cannot be broken down (chemically) into a more simple substance. The periodic table shows all the ...

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Preparation of mixture using iron filings and sulphur powder: Take about 14g of fine iron filings and 8g of sulphur powder in a big petridish or a beaker. Mix them well to prepare a mixture of iron filings and sulphur powder. Label the mixture A. Preparation of compound using iron filings and sulphur powder:

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Jun 04, 2014 · Compounds. A compound is a substance containing two or more elements joined together by a chemical reaction. Examples of compounds include water, which consists of two elements, hydrogen and oxygen. Here is a picture of the compound, water: According to the picture, the hydrogen and oxygen atoms are chemically combined by chemical bonds.

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A nonmetallic chemical element occurring only in combination, as with sodium and oxygen in borax, and produced in the form of either a brown amorphous powder or very hard, brilliant crystals: its compounds are used in the preparation of boric acid, water softeners, soaps, enamels, glass, pottery, etc.: symbol, B; at. no. 5

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Like lead or cadmium, mercury is a constituent element of the earth, a heavy metal. In pure form, it is known alternatively as "elemental" or "metallic" mercury (also expressed as Hg(0) or Hg 0 ). Mercury is rarely found in nature as the pure, liquid metal, but rather within compounds and inorganic salts.

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