Sun-Saturn in Synastry My first ex boyfriend and I had strong Saturn aspects in our synastry chart. It made total sense, given the fact that Saturn was transiting my 7th house at the time. More specifically, my Saturn was conjunct his Sun in Scorpio. My most recent ex had his Sun in Aquarius square my Saturn in Scorpio.
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jupiter conjunct jupiter synastry lindaland, Oct 17, 2012 · My other players around Venus and Jupiter include Neptune opposite at 21 Virgo in H10, Vesta at 26 Pisces, and Pluto trining at 29 Cancer in H8.

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  • Posts about pluto conjunct sun synastry written by ohioastrology. ... pluto conjunct sun synastry, saturn conjunct sun synastry ... Jupiter in Aquarius – Ah ...
  • My past relationship could be a good example of an Uranian relationship. We are both Aquarius Ascendants, angles closely conjunct. Many Uranus aspects in synastry, mostly squares (with Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, ASC), 2 oppositions to my Moon and Jupiter, 2 sextiles, double whammy semi-square with Mercury...

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Marriage aspects in synastry lindaland. e. Sep 13, 2017 · Squares and Oppositions are separating aspects in synastry. Ascendant person doesn't like Sun person's self-centeredness and commanding attitude. These aspects are the Trine, Sextile, and sometimes the Conjunct.

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  • Mar 02, 2011 · Venus-Pluto Synastry March 2, 2011 August 22, 2020 astrologyplace With this synastry contact, Venus conjunct, sextile, trine, opposition, or square Pluto , the Venus person embodies the qualities of beauty, charm, and grace, which seems to activate a very powerful, intense reaction from the Pluto person.
  • My husband's Leo Mars is trine my Aries Jupiter but out-of orb by Saggi's standard. So I think we still get some of the benefits of the trine but not as potently. According to Linda Goodman's Relationship Signs book, "This is a great vibration for partnerships of all kinds, whether marriage or business."

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3. IC involvement: planets conjunct/major aspects to IC or aspecting IC ruler 4. Planets in major aspect with Lunar Nodes, either/both of them, especially conjunct; L.A. conjunct nodes; angles conjunct Nodes 5. Squares to Nodes by major planets such as: Saturn, Sun, Moon, the angle axis 6. Vx/Avx axis activated by planets and L.A., on both sides 7.

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Mars and Jupiter conjunct in the synastry chart. Energy expansion is the keyword of this aspect between you. Jupiter person supports Mars person's self-assertion, and Mars person channels passionate energy to Jupiter person. If you are a couple, the sexual connection is strong and passionate. Also, activities suited for non-couples as traveling ...

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Mar 03, 2009 · For the best answers, search on this site Moon or Mars afflictions, as I stated in the other question, to Uranus are HORRIBLE! Just to give an example, my mother and father (who got divorced after less than a year of marriage) had an AMAZING synastry chart, Sun Conjunct Moon double whammy, Venus Trine Mars, Venus Conjunct Neptune, Mercury Trine Neptune, Venus & Sun ...

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to do a Synastry, to my surprise he is Scorpio ASC just like me with Moon conjunct MY Pluto, I've never had that with pin I Love You, Now Go Away: Moon and Uranus in Synastry —

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Pluto/Vertex Here the conjunction if not in the natal chart of the Vertex person will only manifest in large age gaps between the Pluto and the Vertex person. The Pluto person first interaction with the Vertex person may feel instantly transformative and eye opening or it could feel obsessive, possessive and all consuming.

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Planetary Aspects: Jupiter conjunct Pluto What does Jupiter conjunct Pluto mean? The answer depends on whether it's an aspect occurring in your natal chart, currently forming in the cosmos (transit-to-transit aspect), transiting your chart, or happening in a chart comparison (synastry - relationship astrology). However, this aspect between planets has common general themes.

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