Oct 13, 2013 · 100 mL beaker 250 mL beaker The procedure 1. Calibration of a volumetric pipette ( 10 mL and 25 mL ) a) An empty 100ml beaker was weighed to the nearest milligram using electronic weigh balance. b) The 10ml pipette was filled to the mark with distilled water.
Weigh a tared watch glass and record on the Data sheet the mass of the watch glass. Weigh 0.35g to 0.40g sample of copper on the watch glass and record on the data sheet. Place the copper sample in a clean 250 mL beaker. In a fume hood, carefully add 3.0 mL of concentrated nitric acid a drop at a time to the copper until all the copper is reacted.
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7. Use your mass from step 3 to calculate the mass of sunscreen per mL ethanol. Record your result, keeping careful track of units. 8. Clean a 250 mL beaker by rinsing it twice with a few milliliters of 95% ethanol followed by a few milliliters of the sunscreen solution in your volumetric flask. Discard the rinsate.

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  • Jan 31, 2007 · For the next part of the experiment, an empty beaker was first weighed and recorded, then about 0.5 mL of bleach was dispensed into it and the new mass of the beaker was recorded. The bleach was then poured into a clean 300 mL Erlenmeyer flask. The beaker was rinsed with distilled water to ensure all the bleach transferred to the Erlenmeyer flask.
  • 250 grams because water density is the same for ML to GRAMS. No if it was filled with water to 250 ml the water would weigh 250 grams. The beaker would weigh whatever, depending on the thickness of...

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  • Answer to Mass of empty 250-mL beaker. 42.750 g Mass of 250-mL beaker and unknown sulfate 43.075 g Mass of unknown sulfate 0.325 g Mass of folded paper 0.445 g
  • 1. Measure the mass of an empty 100-ml graduated cylinder. 2. Add some tap water into the graduated cylinder to anywhere below the 100-ml mark. 3. Record the volume of the water. 4. Measure of the mass of the graduated cylinder with water. 5. Empty the water in the sink. 6. Repeat the steps two more times. 7.

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Weigh the beaker and record your measurement, remember not to touch the beaker with your hands. viii.Next you will repeat this experiment with seawater supplied by your instructor. This water has been pre-filtered and heated to eliminate organic residue. Weigh a 250-mL beaker + boiling chips, taking all of the precautions as before.

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the pieces in a 250-mL beaker. 5. MAKE SURE YOU ARE WEARING YOUR SAFETY GOGGLES! Working under the fume hood, add 50 mL of 1.4M potassium hydroxide solution to the beaker. 6. Heat the mixture on the electric hot plates provided. If the liquid level drops to half of its original value, add distilled water to restore the original volume.

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Place 100 ml in a 250 ml round bottom flask that is immersed in a water bath (or use a flat bottomed 50 ml Erlenmeyer flask). Place flask on hot plate/stirrer. 3. When the temperature reaches 80 C, pour in the organic phase (38 ml) with the stirring bar moving just fast enough to create a vortex. Allow the temperature to get back up

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An empty beaker has a mass ... Q. if the mass of a cup of water is 250 grams and the mass of the empty cup is 30 grams. ... A object has a volume of 17 mL. The same ...

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Materials: laboratory balance, 50 ml beaker, pipet, water, calcul … ator, pre-1982 penny, post-1982 penny. Procedure: Measure the mass of the beaker. Add 50 drops of water. Measure the mass of the beaker and 50 drops of water. Subtract the mass of the empty beaker from the mass of the beaker + water, this is the total mass of water.

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