Momentum is inertia in motion.It is the product of an object's mass and its velocity . Which has more momentum? An 80,000 pound big rig traveling 2 mph or a 4,000 pound SUV traveling 40 mph? circle one Big Rig SUV same Soccer Kicks, Slap Shots, and Egg Toss What is it that changes an object's momentum? an impulse .It is the product of
In classical mechanics, the momentum (SI unit kg m/s) of an object is the product of the mass and velocity of the object. Conceptually, the momentum of a moving object can be thought of as how difficult it would be to stop the object.
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Like the law of conservation of linear momentum, the law of conservation of angular momentum is a fundamental law of physics, equally valid for relativistic and quantum systems. 11.1 The Vector Product and Torque An important consideration in defining angular momentum is the process of multiply-

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  • Momentum is conserved in all three physical directions at the same time. It is even more difficult when dealing with a gas because forces in one direction can affect the momentum in another direction because of the collisions of many molecules.
  • of τf during the collision. Compare it to the difference in angular momentum before and after the collision. 3. Use the value you found for the angular acceleration during the collision, α c, to estimate the total torque τf on the rotor during the collision. 4. The torque τc is made of two parts: the friction torque τf from the bearings ...

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  • 4. Read chapter 6, section 2 of your book (pgs. 158-163). Do the section review questions 1 and 2 on page 163. Oral Defense 10 points 5. Read chapter 6, section 3 of your book (pgs. 165-168). Do the section review questions 1 and 2 on page 168) 10 points Oral Defense Worksheets ***6.
  • In this section you will find lab activities that you need to complete. The activity will take place in the classroom. You will answer questions based on the lab activity as well as the concepts used in the lab activity.You will get two attempts to answer the lab activity questions and your mark will be the average of the two attempts.

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Momentum And Collisions. A particle of mass m is moving at velocity v . The linear momentum is defined as If an impulse acts on a particle of mass m , its momentum will change by an amount ΔP . We can express this as: where Δv is the change in velocity of the particle.

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Angular MomentumAngular Momentum zAngular momentum: zChanging an object’s angular momentum requires a net torque: ∆L = τ•∆t zIn systems with no external torque, angular momentum is conserved : L f = L i (or I iω i = I fω f) zExample: Ice skater is rotating at 0.5 rev/s. She mulls in her arms to reduce her rotational inertia by a ...

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Apr 1, Wed YouTube Demo Demonstration of conservation of angular momentum - changing direction of L (using a spinning bike wheel). Apr 2, Thu: Notes on Ch. 11 Angular momentum of a baseball. Apr 2, Thu: Notes on Ch. 11 Torque is rate of change of Angular momentum.

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Collisions (ID), frame of reference 9.2-4, 9.6 Angular momentum Collisions 10.1-8, 10.10-12 review practice exam (not graded Angular momentum and torque Angular momentum principle Angular momentum 11.1-4 statics 11.5-6 Rotational dynamics Rotational dynamics (continued Statics and dynamics of rotation 11.7 Momentum conservation, Bohr atom, spin

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Definition of momentum Linear momentum, P, is defined as the mass, m, of an object multiplied by its velocity, v, so: P = mv Units: kgms-1 or Ns (Sometimes momentum is given the symbol M) Principle of Conservation of Energy: Of course, energy is also conserved in any collision, but it isn't always...

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A 1000 kg truck moving at 0.01 m/sec has the same momentum as a 1 kg skate moving at 10 m/sec. Both have a momentum of 10 kg m/sec. ( 1000 x .01 = 1 x 10 = 10 ) Impulse and Momentum If momentum changes, its because mass or velocity change. Most often mass doesnt change so velocity changes and that is acceleration.

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