Bahamut, The Platinum Dragon, King of the Good Dragons, Lord of the North Wind CR 107. Male Great, Great, Great Wyrm Platinum Dragon. LG Titanic Dragon (Extraplanar, Good, Lawful) Init +21, Senses Listen +154; Spot +154; Blindsense 60 ft.; Darkvision 120 ft. Aura Terrifying presence (1680 ft., DC 100) Languages Draconic, +18 bonus
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Apr 12, 2019 · Cheeshee was cast out of her clan for reasons that include fear (radiant-style spells are physically painful to a kobold's light-sensitive eyes), superstition (her scale coloration is not one of the traditional "chromatic" dragons, i.e. red, green, blue, etc.), and because control of her and her powers became a political football among the factions of her clan.

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  • Bronze Dragon: Was promised a share of Tiamat's hoard. Copper Dragon: It turns out a PC had a dagger of venom stolen from her hoard. The PC, our gnome who likes trash, graciously gave it back along with some gold. The metallic dragons were so impressed that they gave the PCs three arrows of dragon slaying. Captive Cultist
  • Mar 03, 2017 · Main Page → Pantheon Bahamut (pronounced bah-HAHM-ut) was the dragon god of justice and a subservient deity to Torm, god of law.Before entering the Faerûnian pantheon, he was a member of the Draconic pantheon, as a deity of good dragons, metallic dragons, wisdom, and enlightened justice (justice tempered with mercy and punishment with forgiveness) known by the name of Xymor (pronounced ZIE ...

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Mar 17, 2019 · Part 2: The Platinum Dragon’s Fastness. In this section, the adjusted xp is again near the 25,000 per character goal, being 25,810 for a party of five and 25250 for a party of six, with the normal xp being 15,900 per player for a party of five and 16833 per player for a party of six. For a party of five:

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  • You are welcomed to follow our Saturday campaign of Dungeons and Dragons 5e, taking place in the amazing world of Exandria. From the creation of Matt Mercer, this campaign takes place in the year 915 PD (post divergence) 100 years after the events of Critical Role campaign #1 on the continent of Tal’dorei.
  • You are welcomed to follow our Saturday campaign of Dungeons and Dragons 5e, taking place in the amazing world of Exandria. From the creation of Matt Mercer, this campaign takes place in the year 915 PD (post divergence) 100 years after the events of Critical Role campaign #1 on the continent of Tal’dorei.

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A creature with 3 5 ft. by 10 ft. face covers two 5-foot squares and suffers 2d6 points of Constitution damage per round, A creature with a 10 ft. by 10 ft, face covers four 5-foot squares and suffers ^d6 points of Constitution damage per round.

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Abzu is the great platinum dragon, sibling and occasional lover of Tiamat, father of dragons. He is her opposite (and you can create a sort of yin-yang symbol from their combined symbols), being the patron of cool intellect, reflection, and the search for truth.

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Platinum coins are one of the most rare two types of precious metals, alongside their sister issues in palladium (another member of the platinum group of metals, known as the PGM complex). Understanding which ones to purchase in an investment or retirement savings portfolio can therefore be challenging.

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The only platinum dragon on record (for 5th Edition) is Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon God of Good (Father of Metallic Dragons). level 1. DM 2 points · 3 years ago. You're assuming there could even be a Platinum Dragonborn.

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