[ ᴛᴀɢꜱ ] gn.reader ; mutual pining. – ɴᴏᴛᴇꜱ; here’s a gn version of a fem reader request i got a few days ago! for this one, i mostly made a few changes here and there so it’s gn, but i didnt change the overall “plot” of the req, so it’s basically the same thing but not f.reader.
Answer: Yay~ Sanemi is such a strange and intense person. : Can we have hcs of the reader being a new member of the team treat gon and Killua as like little brothers? HI!! can I request Yan!L headcanon. and I like your writing for Yan!Light and HxH too. have nice safe day and take...
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Some Fugo x reader headcanons where the reader confesses to him? I love my boy🥺🥺 Its strawberry boy loving hours!! I hope you like it! Reader confessing to fugo Fugo is looking at you with wide eyes...

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  • HEADCANONS: ‘Hate to love’ with Kyojuro and Sanemi. Enlo! This is the extension of @kumurakurosawa ’s request here (Tanjirou and Zenitsu ver.) kyojuro “You’re doing it wrong, Y/N!” Kyojuro told you the very first time you met him; No, you weren’t offended because of what he said. It’s more one how he said it
  • yandere yandere headcanons yandere prompts yandere drabbles yandere scenarios yandere fanfiction yandere imagines yandere x reader yandere x you yandere oneshot ...

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Published: 2020-07-10. Updated Danganronpa X Reader Headcanons/Imagines/Oneshots. Sandroulx. Chapter 2: Nagito, Kokichi & Byakuya with an affectionate S/O.

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  • modern!reader x alfie solomons . part…i literally don’t know but enjoy! thank you to @justanothershelby as always, for sharing your great english skills with me! ...
  • thecircleofzoology said: Can you do James Griffin x reader headcanons? Answer: Mmmmmm these were actually quite helpful for me to think about re: getting a hold for his character \o/ also I’m always...

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I do Scenarios and headcanons, but matchups are only for special occasions such as valentines' day!!^^ Please feel free to send anything, even if you just wanna talk!!^^ I really love your stories. They really make my day. If its not too much trouble could you maybe do a todoroki x reader story??

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- H/C of Modern AU where reader doesnt want children - Aizawa with injured Male!Reader. - Lon’Qu x F!Reader . While I appreciate the asks I have received I will not be doing: - Ashe with a wyvern h/c (I only do headcannons about relationships) - Hawks with a child who gets attention they don’t want (logistically I just cannot make this work.)

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[MODERN AU] Sanemi Shinazugawa x Reader . In this, AU demons are still there the only thing that changed is the timeline, both you and Nemi are Demon Slayers, you were also a pillar. You were thinking of retiring and Sanemi wasn’t too happy about it.

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hawks keigo takami hawks birth week event hawks x reader keigo takami x reader bnha my hero academia bnha manga mha bnha x Hawks' Reaction To Endeavor Finding His Stan Account - Headcanons. - after years of not knowing how to create fancam edits he...

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Headcanons/OneShots. You can call me (Sa)Brina. Fandom: DC Pairing: Jason Todd x reader Word count: 900 Summary: When a mysterious Woman arrives at the manor looking for our favorite Butler Jason could've sworn it's love at first sight…

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Sweetest Sin [Rengoku Kyoujurou x F!Reader]. Jen. 25. Crying over Mugen Train....mightylettuce sent a message: Can i request headcanons for Rengoku, Sanemi and Uzui meeting...But when Sanemi is given a reprieve from all the drinking and talking, he would notice a little boy who...

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