TYPE: semi-automatic (30-round) detachable magazine cartridge rifle REMARKS: Eugene Stoner inspired 1956 design. High quality civilian AR-15 clone that was budget priced, built in Windham, Maine. Interchangeable upper 16 inch M4 & 20 inch heavy barrel.
May 26, 2013 · Type 54 heavy machine guns. M2 Browning (Type 93) heavy machine guns. ... Type 56 assault rifles. CAR-15 assault rifles. SAR-21 assault rifles. M4 carbine. HK UMP. HK ...
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NORINCO 54 1 7 62X25MM 4 TYPE 62 X 25 Cave Creek, AZ : Used: $367.00: CT6 NORINCO MODEL SKS SEMI AUTO RIFLE 7 62X39 MM Clinton Township, MI : Used: $350.00: NORINCO SKS 7 62X39 ITEM S168 Columbia, TN : Used: $345.00: CHINESE NORINCO SKS SEMI AUTO RIFLE 7 52X39 Harlan, KY : Used: $285.00: NORINCO SKS RIFLE 7 62X39MM CSI IMPORT CHINA Twin Falls ...

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  • Feb 20, 2015 · Fascinating book, half Chinese military MarksmanshipTraining Manual (covers for Type 53 [Nagant] carbine, Type 30, 65 79 and 99 rifles & Type 50 and 54 sub-machine guns), and half useful reference manual for the collector. Worthy addition to the reference library of anyone with an interest in any of the above firearms.
  • The T55 DER/A was created to be a successor to and direct evolution of the widely used Type-25 plasma rifle; however, it is more similar to the Type-51 plasma repeater, itself an upgrade of the T25, in both form and function. The weapon features such modifications as a rotating modular coil set, a high-mounted cooling shroud, and an extended ...

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Chinese Type 54 Tokarev Pistol, 7.62x25 Caliber, Semi-Auto By Norinco (North China Industries) Very Good to Excellent Condition. 8 + 1 Capacity - C & R Eligible - These are in really nice condition, See extended description plus images and video for full details.

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  • The Little Feller's rifle has a 34" long custom made premium swamped barrel produced exclusively by Rice Rifle Barrel Co. in 40, 45, and 50 calibers, helping to make it a light weight and quick handling rifle.
  • QBU-10 - 12.7×108mm Semi-automatic Anti-materiel sniper rifle; AMR-2 - 12.7×108mm Bolt-action Anti-materiel sniper rifle; W-03; JS 7.62 - 7.62×54mmR Sniper rifle (In limited Service) QBU-88 - 5.8×42mm Bullpup sniper rifle (In Service) CS-LR4 - 7.62×51mm Sniper rifle (In Service) CS-LR3 - 5.8×42mm Sniper rifle (In Service)

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Lever Action Rifles. Henry Golden Boy and Lever Action series; Autoloading and Pump Action Rifles. Henry Pump Action Octagon (pump) Savage A22 (auto) Single Shot Rifles (any action type) Dakota Model 10; H&R Sportster (break-open) Winchester 1885 Low Wall (falling block).17 HMR CALIBER RIFLES. Ultra-Deluxe Bolt Action Rifles

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Chinese Type 54-1 Owner's Manual - title page, specification page - as supplied with a Norinco Type 54-1 made for export to those crazy Americans, circa 1990. The Type 54-1 is a Type 54 made for export, differing from the Chinese government version by virtue of a thumb safety to satisfy the import provisions of the GCA 1968.

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The Type 54 was manufactured from about 1954 until 1967, although it is not clear whether it was produced each year.

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↑ Type 54 pistol on Bangladesh Military Forces website. Retrieved on April 16, 2010. ↑ Type 92 pistol on Bangladesh Military Forces website. Retrieved on April 16, 2010. ↑ Italian Air Force official website. First batch of Beretta 90TWO pistols delivered to the "16° Stormo Protezione delle Forze" air riflemen platoon on 05/12/2011.

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A longer version of the Spencer repeating rifle was manufactured to meet the needs of a sniper. By 1865, about 48,000 Spencer repeating rifles had been made. Only about 10,000 Henry repeating rifles were made during the war. The Colt revolving rifle was manufactured by Colt and was based off of a pistol design.

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Finnish M91 rifles are 51 1/2" long, dated 1926-1927 and 1940-1943, and have the following features. The first picture is typical of early configuration and the second picture is typical of late configuration. However, Finnish rifles can vary a great deal with no set standards for minor features.

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