作者|Mybridge译者|无明 在过去的一年里,我们比较了将近 12,000 个 Vue.js 开源项目和库,从中挑选了最好的 45 个(0.37%)。 这些项目和库可以分为 3 类: 用户界面(1
Recently VuePress static site generator came out. It is powered by Vue.js under the hood, and I must say - I like it. Everything just works - my Markdown is turned into a pretty and fast static site w.
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Example Gatsby, BigCommerce and Netlify CMS project meant to jump … Github Live Demo Create Site. Delog GatsbyJS

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  • #!/usr/bin/env sh # 确保脚本抛出遇到的错误 set -e # 生成静态文件 npm run docs:build # 进入生成的文件夹 cd docs/.vuepress/dist # 如果是发布到自定义域名 # echo 'www.example.com' > CNAME git init git add -A git commit -m 'deploy' # 如果发布到 https://<USERNAME>.github.io # git push -f [email protected] ...
  • Click the “Generate access token in GitHub” button to begin the request which will ask you for permission. Setting up OAuth App with Github. Lastly, we need to setup an OAuth App with Github which will let our VuePress Netlify app authenticate with github and redirect back appropriately.

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# Create a blog using VuePress (Part 1) # Background. After checking out Paul Copplestone's awesome website, I decided I wanted to build my own blog using VuePress as well. # Installing VuePress. I started by following the instructions on the VuePress Getting Started page.

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  • Tagged with vue, vuepress, staticsites. A VuePress site is, in fact, an SPA powered by Vue, Vue Router, and webpack. After the build, a server-rendered version of the app is created.
  • Fast: KaTeX renders its math synchronously and doesn’t need to reflow the page. Print quality: KaTeX’s layout is based on Donald Knuth’s TeX, the gold standard for math typesetting.

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An example of using environment configuration in LoopBack Raymond Camden provides An example of using environment configuration in LoopBack, the popular open source framework, along with a demo. Microservices With Kubernetes and Docker - DZone DevOps Learn step-by-step with code to use Kubernetes open source platform and Docker to create a ...

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VuePress là một trình tạo site tĩnh tối giản với hệ thống Vue-powered theming , và một theme mặc định được tối ưu cho việc viết các technical documentation. Trang VuePress có pre-rendered HTML tĩnh...

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{"_id":"vuepress-theme-oscarteg","_rev":"30211474","name":"vuepress-theme-oscarteg","description":"A theme for VuePress by Oscarteg","dist-tags":{"latest":"0.0.13 ...

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VuePress examples and demo code. Adding style to a custom VuePress theme. Creating a minimal custom theme showed how to create the smallest possible VuePress theme. Let's add some styling to it.

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#Modifying the Default Theme. In version 0.x of vuepress you had to eject the whole theme and make modifications to the dumped vue, js and css. That is all very well, but as the maintainers themselves were keen to make clear, that meant that you then became the maintainer - if you broke it you owned it.

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May 31, 2019 · Pre-launch Signup Email Component With VuePress/Vue.js and Cloud Functions Import Vue.js Component Into VuePress 1.x: vue-carousel example Setup Landing Page Website With VuePress 1.x

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