Mar 31, 2017 · xmodmap -e "keycode 118 = Delete" xmodmap -e "keycode 119 = Insert" Now your keys are swapped but this action is not persistent and only works until you reboot. If you want to make your changes persistent then you need to write a script and make it auto execute at startup or you can make a .desktop file and make it run at every startup.
See also xmodmap(1). -b, --buttons button-spec Remap buttons in button-spec to interpreted wheel/thumb input. Also limits the button grab to the specified buttons when using the ZAxis method. (see "X WINDOWS ZAXIS METHOD" below) the button-spec may specify any of up to five buttons. the button-spec is decoded in the following order for wheel input:
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Oct 13, 2010 · xmodmap and gnome October 13, 2010 11:20 pm Sergey Udaltsov g-s-d, gnome, libgnomekbd GNOME (gnome-settings-daemon) was supporting custom xmodmap files for ages – as a convenient way to tweak the kbd config. I heard several times about people using that feature – even though it was never important, used by minority.

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  • Jul 08, 2020 · Doing so, although it uses some PC resources, is a time-saver tweak for commonly used applications regularly. Some software comes with the auto-start feature in their respective “Preferences (if there is one)”, but generally, most won’t have it.
  • Mar 06, 2020 · Note that the Alt key is not necessarily the same as the Meta modifier. xmodmap lists your key modifiers. X defines modifiers for shift, (caps) lock and control, as well as 5 additional modifiers that are generally used to configure key modifiers.

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See also the GUI xkeycaps(1) with very good documentation about the keyboard model of X11. If you are new to the keyboard model, read there first, and then come back for even more comments about subtle things. ... (i.e. the result of "xmodmap -pke" or Suns "xmakemap")

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  • The xmodmap program is used to edit and display the keyboard modifier map and keymap table that are used by client applications to convert event keycodes into keysyms. It is usually run from the user's session startup script to configure the keyboard according to personal tastes.
  • First, there are no more password prompts when executing a backlight command or launching the GUI (adjusted PolicyKit permissions). Second, there are two new functions in the CLI: # brightness control, set a value between 0 and 255 , example: $ backlight 124 # set a custom color by passing the hex color code, example: $ backlight color ff5900

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However, they don’t always reverse only on some GUI apps (such as evince pdf viewer) xmodmap seems to solve this issue, but it does not. xmodmap has another issue that if you unplug/plug USB mouse you have to apply xmodmap again. Let’s find a solution which doesn’t depend on xmodmap, and which also works for any apps including evince.

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Once installed, you can use xmodmap -pk to print the current keycodes to the screen. Save it to a file for easy editing. xmodmap -pk > UK_KeycodeLayout.keymap. Some other articles about keyboard layouts.

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Recent (2009) gui toolkits (gnome) have problems with x11vnc's original mouse input injection method. So x11vnc's mouse input injection method has been modified. To regain the OLD behavior use this option: -always_inject.

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xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap Bien maintenant il ne reste pluis qu'à associer des actions / programmes à ces touches ! Dans KDE, il faut aller dans le Centre de Controle de KDE, Régionalisation & Accessibilité, Dans disposition du clavier, Cocher "Activer les disposition de clavier", puis choisissez votre clavier ( celui défini dans /etc/X11/xorg.conf )

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A GUI (GUI for Uncomplicated Firewall) is available to configure it. Ubuntu compiles its packages using GCC features such as PIE and buffer overflow protection to harden its software. [60] These extra features greatly increase security at the performance expense of 1% in 32-bit and 0.01% in 64-bit .

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有些 GUI 程序会由用户的 systemd启动(比如我的 Telegram 是由 systemd 启动的,为了在内存用得太多的时候自动重启),有些 GUI 程序会由 D-Bus 激活(比如 gnome-terminal)。这些是和登录会话分开的,所以要手动导入一下。

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